13th Annual Great Adirondack Trail Run


13th Annual Great Adirondack Trail Run- June 10th

The Mountaineer is excited to host the 13th Annual Great Adirondack Trail Run on June 10th, 2017 in Keene Valley, NY!


Registration Opens: May 2, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. SHARP. 


Whiteface Ski Mountaineering Results

Thank you to everyone who came out on day light savings and a chilly Sunday morning

to participate in the first Annual Skimo event at Whiteface Mountain. We hope to see everyone, and then some, next year!

*Each Lap Approximately 900ft Vert Climb*


 6 Laps

1.Wellford, Jan- #1 Mens Overall

2.Kubula, Milan

3.Maynard, Phil

      5 Laps

4.Douglas, Duncan

5.Keyes, Sarah- #1  Women’s Overall

6.Howard, Curtis

      4 Laps

7.Carey, Pat

8.Vandorn, Dana

9.McClelland, Sophie

10.Erenstone, Jeff

11.Courain, Aaron

      3 Laps

12.White, Brian

      2 Laps

13.Wilson, Josh

      1 Lap

14.Yates, Bob

15.Jakob, Chris



The Luck of the Irish





St. Patty’s Day skiing…

Thanks to Winter Storm Stella we had a nice refresh!


Angle Slides 3-17-17


The New Black Diamond Couloir Harness

Coulior feature image

BlackDiamondCouloir Harness

The new Black Diamond Couloir harness takes the meaning ultralight to an entirely new level (7.5oz). This full-featured technical harness packs down to the size of an a pb&j sandwich making it easy to store without the mess. Built with a full strength belay loop and an extremely low profile design means you can wear the harness all day and it goes unnoticed until you need it! The speed buckle and on-the-fly leg loop buckles allow for easy on and off with ski boots or crampons allowing you to move fluidly through the mountains.  4 Ice clipper slots, 2 ice screw slots and 2 gear loops mean you wont be struggling to find room for extra carabiners and cordelettes, you can store two ice screws in the ice screw slots on the legs to reduce clanking and still carry an additional few screws if your mission involves some more serious climbing. In short this harness is ideal for big mountain ski lines and moderate glacial travel where weight is a factor. When is it not?


Intent on building a harness that would move with the body it protects, we designed a triple-weave webbing on the interior of the harness’s waistbelt that provides movement-focused technology while maintaining superior breathability, durability and strength. Also featured on the harness’s leg loops, this technology offers excellent load sharing, relieving pressure from sensitive points of contact.

The Mountaineers take: Hanging in this harness is proof that rappelling might actually be comfortable in a piece with such a low profile. “I put a full rack of ice screws and cams on this bad boy and it was still comfortable”.  Wearing this around the shop for an hour felt like it would be a great lightweight option for all day ski mountaineering where you might have a rappel or multiple rappels involved, this harness gives you the comfort and functionality to leave it on all day and not have to be pulling it out and storing it before and after rappels or when roping up on a glacier. Another great application for this harness is going to be your long alpine ice routes in the Tetons, Sierra or even the North Face of Gothics . If you are planning a big mountain ski trip or an alpine climbing trip this is a must have trip so do yourself a favor and buy one!

Close Calls and Fun On Mt. Etna, Sicily

featured picture etna

“Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” -Ed Viesturs

Trip Report: Skiing Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy. (1o,992′)

Our fearless leader of The Mountaineer , Vinny McClelland just returned from an amazing ski decent of  Mount Etna located on the island of Sicily. Mount Etna is a stratovolcano meaning that its highly active and built upon layers of molten activity (scary) .Etna is the tallest active Volcano in Europe as well as the highest point in the southern Alps which makes for incredible ski decent options. Read on to hear and see about how the Volcano erupted and what  an Italian ski decent means (Schnapps and all).Etna 2

Vinny, among other Competance Centers were recently invited on a little ski trip by our partners over at Dynafit! The Mountaineer is one of 8 Dynafit Competance Centers in the US and the only one in the East. A Competance Center means we are among the best ski touring specialists in the world…I guess with that being said, Dynafit like us and likes taking Vinny on ski trips! “Busy schedules, family, running a business and trying to recreate is not always an easy task” Vinny said. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to join this elite group of skiers on a Volcanic Ski Decent”The trip started out of Catania, Sicily located 35KM away from the base of Mt. Etna (1 hour drive).  A large city and metropolitan area located on the Ionian Sea littered with food markets and shops.market CatalinaRifugioSleeping quarters and walking distance from the watering hole
Etna 1

 A quick drive to the parking lot of the Mount Etna Ski Resort gave easy access to the snowfields and the tour began. After about 4.5 hours of moderate skinning with ski crampons the group reached the ridge of the volcano (pictured above) along with sulfuric steam.Snow Field

 Good looking skiing on expansive snow fields en route to the summit!!
Ski Party



Part way up the Schnapps comes out in proper Italian fashion. Who skis without Schnapps?




Etna 3




Mountaineer Bandana Summit shot!Dont have a bandana, yet?! Buy one here



All in all the trip was a great success! Lots of skiing, cultural eating, exploring and just a few days after Vinny was on top of Mt Etna it ERUPTED in a molten explosion! See below…