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Grivel K6G Mega Twin Gate Carabiner


The Mountaineer is one of a few select shops in the U.S. carrying Grivel’s new Mega KG6 Twin Gate Carabiner.


Grivel Mega KG6 Twin Gate Carabiner

The Mega KG6, with its two opposing solid gates, is considered an auto-locking carabiner, making it safe as a belay ‘biner, an anchor master point, or as a replacement for a traditional locker in any situation that demands the extra security of a locking carabiner. The KG6′s unique twin-gate design stays closed and effectively stays “locked” thanks to its opposing gates.

The Mega has a sleek, streamlined design that works for the bolt-end of quickdraws, and you can easily tie Munter hitches once you get to the anchor. Ice and alpine climbers will appreciate the twin-gate functionality in icy winter conditions as they will not freeze shut like a screwgate.

Nick, our Climbing Department Buyer says: “I used the Grivel Mega K6G ice climbing without gloves the other day, and, WOW it IS awesome! Truly unique and VERY easy to manipulate. I liken it to the double back buckles on harnesses, i.e., its something new and different but once you are used to it, it’s a snap, and totally safe and secure.”

One-Handed Operation [Photo Courtesy of Rock and Ice Magazine]


But you don’t have to take our word for it – check out what climbing bloggers are saying about the new Grivel Mega KG6 Twin Gate Carabiner below:

Simple, sleek design work here that is extremely effective. I’ll say it up front.  [Grivel's] Twin Gate technology is the best “locking” biner yet designed, by a fair margin.” – via Cold Thistle (
“Yes, I’ll use the Mega in place of a locker for belaying and rappelling, and am psyched to finally have a locker that will remain operational in winter conditions.” – via Rock and Ice Magazine (
“When the rope is clipped into the Grivel Twin Gate, it’s not going anywhere. The gate is also the simplest, and the least likely to bind up in cold and icy conditions, or get gummed up with dirt.” – via Splitter Choss (

The Grivel KG6 Mega Twin Gate is available at The Mountaineer and in our online store, here.

Climbing Route Peregrine Falcon Closures – 7/22 Update

Updated Peregrine Falcon Climbing Route Closures – effective July 22nd!

Peregrine falcons, an endangered species in New York State, nest on cliffs in the Adirondack Mountains. The population of peregrine falcons has steadily grown since the DEC undertook hacking programs in the Adirondacks in the late 1970s.

Cliffs with known peregrine falcon nesting sites are monitored annually throughout the Adirondacks. Rock climbing routes with active nest sites are temporarily closed to prevent any disturbances that might interfere with the successful raising of the young peregrine falcons.

The closure of climbing routes is based on a number of factors, primarily the route’s proximity and visibility to a nesting site. Each situation is unique and a specific distance from the nest site can not be used to make a closure determination. DEC’s priority is protecting an endangered species; however, attempts are made to maximize the opportunities for climbing at the same time.

At the beginning of the season DEC closes whole or large portions of cliffs where peregrine falcons have regularly nested. This allows them to choose a nesting site without any being troubled by climbing activity. They often choose a site quickly and begin nesting earlier, than when the cliff’s were subject to climbing activities. Climbers benefit because an earlier nesting start results in an earlier fledging of the young and therefore the closed routes are re-opened sooner.

As of July 16, 2015

The following cliffs or sections of cliffs are closed to climbers to allow peregrine falcons to raise their young undisturbed. Routes are reopened when the young falcons have fledged and left the nest.

Crane Mountain

All rock climbing routes are open.

Wilmington Notch

All climbing routes on Moss Cliff are open.

Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain

All rock climbing routes are open.

Chapel Pond

All rock climbing routes on Upper and Lower Washbowl Cliffs are open.

Lake George Eastern Shore

On Shelving Rock the following climbing routes on the Main Wall (left of Wake and Bake Buttress) from the Snakecharmer Corner to Infinity Crack remain closed:

  • Lunar Manscaping
  • Snakecharmer
  • Thunder Down Under
  • Hackett Corner
  • Grin and Bear It
  • Price is Right
  • Gong Show
  • Doodlebug
  • Rock Lobster
  • Footloose
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Just Take It
  • Rusty Lumberjack
  • Claimjumper
  • Project X
  • Infinity and Beyond

All other climbing routes on Shelving Rock are open.

DEC appreciates the patience and understanding of the rock climbing community.

If you are subject to aggressive behavior by peregrine falcons while climbing please climb down immediately and report the incident to the DEC as soon as possible. Reports and questions can be directed to the DEC Region 5 Wildlife Office at 518-897-1291.

Climbing Route Closures – UPDATE!

Attention climbers!! Game ON at the Upper Washbowl!!


Climb On ! ! ! as of 5/9 THIS Saturday…All Rock Climbing routes on the Upper Washbowl are now OPEN.(ALL Lower Washbowl routes still Closed)

Posted by The Mountaineer on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exploring New Rock in Cascade Pass


There’s always new rock to be found – get out and explore!


Nick Gulli rappelling a new route on an undeveloped cliff in Cascade Pass


2014 Adirondack Rock Climbing Cliff Closures – Effective April 1st

It may still look like winter out there, but we just received notice from the DEC about this year’s cliff closures, which go into effect Tuesday, April 1st. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Effective Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the following Adirondack rock climbing routes will be closed to protect Peregrine falcon nest sites. 

Current route closure information will be posted at trail heads, parking areas, and online at:

Moss Cliff – All routes closed.

Chapel Pond – All routes on Upper and Lower Washbowl Cliffs closed.

Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain – All routes on the Main Face are closed except the following routes described on pages 38-45 of Adirondack Rock – A Rock Climber’s Guide:

1. Opposition
2. Goat’s Foot on Rock
3. High and Dry
4. Bushmaster
5. Big Buddha
6. Bushido
7. Bodacious
8. Pearly Gates
9. Kaibob
10. Battle Creek
11. Static Cling
12. Certified Raw
13. Air Male
14. Son of a Mother
15. Phase III
16. Bastard
17. Ladder
18. Puppies on Edge
19. Hang ‘Em High
20 Group Therapy
21. Adonis
22. Pandemonium
23. Discord
24. A Womb with a View