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Climbing Route Peregrine Falcon Closures – 5/20 Update

Updated Peregrine Falcon Climbing Route Closures – effective May 20th!

ATTENTION CLIMBERS! This is a long post but read carefully for current rock route openings/closings for this weekend!…

Posted by The Mountaineer on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just in time for the long Holiday weekend, the peregrine eyrie at Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain has been located and some rock climbing routes will be opened.

To protect nesting peregrine falcons, effective Wednesday, May 20, 2015, the following rock climbing routes on Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain Main Face are CLOSED:

106- Shark Week
107- The Cooler
108- The Gathering
109- Extreme Unction
110- Resurrection
111- Sailors Drive
112- Calvary Hill
113- Letting Go
114- Messiah
115- Foreplay
116- Borderline
117- It Don’t Come Easy
118- Puzzle Rue
119- Mayflower
120- The Rapture
121- Pilgrim’s Progress
122- Snow Blue
123- Morning Star
124- Earthy Night
125- Worse Than Real
126- Neurosis
127- Steptoe
128- Ancient of Days
129- Raptor’s Scream
130- Free Swing
131- Smear Campaign
132- Royal Savage
133- Lost Chance
134- Home Rule
135- Neurosis Direct
136- Pomme de Terre
137- Scallion
138- Macintosh
139- Green Onion
140- Grapes of Wrath
141- A.S.
142- Quo Vadis
143- La Spirale
144- Thunderhead
145- Lightning
146- Cirrhosis
147- End Game
148- Dicentra
149- Menace to Sobriety
150- Amongst the Crowd/Clouds
151- Paralysis
152- Annie’s Dilemma
153- Orchestra
154- Maestro
155- Macrobiotic
156- Moonshine
157- Watch My Bolt
158- Tachycardia
159- Sunburst Arete
160- The Real 208
161- Domingo
162- Paper Walls
163- Keep Off Flake
164- In Vivo
165- Rare Earth
166- Parabolic Cats
167- Lichenstorm
All other climbing routes on Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain are OPEN.

As a reminder, all rock climbing routes on Moss Cliff and Lower Washbowl Cliff remain CLOSED. All routes on Upper Washbowl Cliff are Open.

On Shelving Rock, the following routes on the Main Wall (left of the Wake and Bake Buttress) remain closed:
All routes from the Snakecharmer Corner to Infinity Crack including:
• Lunar Manscaping
• Snakecharmer
• Thunder Down Under
• Hackett Corner
• Grin and Bear it
• Price is Right
• Gong Show
• Doodlebug
• Rock Lobster
• Footloose
• Dirty Dancing
• Just Take It
• Rusty Lumberjack
• Claimjumper
• Project X
• Infinity and Beyond
All other rock climbing routes at Shelving Rock are OPEN.

Climbing Route Closures – UPDATE!

Attention climbers!! Game ON at the Upper Washbowl!!


Climb On ! ! ! as of 5/9 THIS Saturday…All Rock Climbing routes on the Upper Washbowl are now OPEN.(ALL Lower Washbowl routes still Closed)

Posted by The Mountaineer on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exploring New Rock in Cascade Pass


There’s always new rock to be found – get out and explore!


Nick Gulli rappelling a new route on an undeveloped cliff in Cascade Pass


2014 Adirondack Rock Climbing Cliff Closures – Effective April 1st

It may still look like winter out there, but we just received notice from the DEC about this year’s cliff closures, which go into effect Tuesday, April 1st. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Effective Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the following Adirondack rock climbing routes will be closed to protect Peregrine falcon nest sites. 

Current route closure information will be posted at trail heads, parking areas, and online at:

Moss Cliff – All routes closed.

Chapel Pond – All routes on Upper and Lower Washbowl Cliffs closed.

Poke-o-Moonshine Mountain – All routes on the Main Face are closed except the following routes described on pages 38-45 of Adirondack Rock – A Rock Climber’s Guide:

1. Opposition
2. Goat’s Foot on Rock
3. High and Dry
4. Bushmaster
5. Big Buddha
6. Bushido
7. Bodacious
8. Pearly Gates
9. Kaibob
10. Battle Creek
11. Static Cling
12. Certified Raw
13. Air Male
14. Son of a Mother
15. Phase III
16. Bastard
17. Ladder
18. Puppies on Edge
19. Hang ‘Em High
20 Group Therapy
21. Adonis
22. Pandemonium
23. Discord
24. A Womb with a View

Matt McCormick’s New Route

Congratulations to Mountaineer friend Matt McCormick on his new route at the Spider’s Web (Wheelin N’ Dealin, 5.13c R). Details and a great video can be found at Matt’s blog.