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2017 Mountainfest Recap

Thank you!

Another great ADK Mountainfest is in the books! We had a fantastic weekend and we hope that all of the participants and guides enjoyed themselves immensely, we look forward to seeing everyone at the 22nd Annual Mountainfest next year! We’d like to thank all of our sponsors Grivel, Patagonia, Marmot, Black Diamond, DMM, Outdoor Research, La Sportiva, Rab, Nalgene, Petzl, Neice and the list goes on. Doug Millen delivered delicious soup to the clinics, which is always a treat, Thanks Doug! We had an amazing slideshow presentation Friday night by Rab’s Scott Bennett, an awesome raffle and tons of free giveaways along with another outstanding slideshow on Saturday night by Patagonia’s Kelly Cordes which was unbelievably captivating! Followed by Black Diamond’s Kevin Mahoney at The Keene Arts Center on Sunday evening. There were several good shots that were captured over the course of the weekend which you can see here. Many thanks to , Rock and River , the local and visiting guides, LPP&B and everyone involved for the great work they do for our community, and the participants. As always, Mountainfest is a charity event and we are very proud to announce that we have almost surpassed the six figure mark on our donation to local charities and this year we were able to collect over 200 lbs of food for local food banks!!!  We’re psyched for next year and we’ll be adding a few new exciting things to Mountainfest so keep an eye out! Next year will be (another) one for the books!


NEice administrator and Soup Connoisseur Doug Millen with local climber Jim VanPatten


Climber on Power Play


Local Guide Don Mellor and Instructor of “Steep Ice For The Weak And Chicken hearted” showing how it can be done with a single mountaineering axe


Ron Kon & Mountaineer employees with Kelly Cordes in the World Famous Beaver Dome!


Matt Mckormick heading out for to teach his M2 clinic

LR ice climb chapel pond

Michael Fusca dialing in his skills at a clinic based at Pitchoff Left.


All smiles!


A clinic based at Otis Mt. Mountainfests private ice wall



“Tent Talk” Presented by Primaloft



Back in 1975 The McClelland and Miller families opened a small mountaineering, hiking and ski shop in the sleepy mountain town of Keene Valley, NY, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. Vinny McClelland describes how “everyone thought his father was crazy” in doing so, the struggles and successes of running a small business in the digital age and what it’s like living, playing and working in this beautiful place we call home. We feel lucky to have the  relationship that we do with our friends at Primaloft, we believe in their products, and we share a similar thought process on how we do business. We keep it simple, we care about our community, we believe in knowledgeable staff, we’re users of our products and outdoor enthusiasts. All of these beliefs lead to passion and this is why we are thrilled to team up with Primaloft and create a glimpse in to the evolution of our shop. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest episode of “tent talk” featuring Vinny and The Mountaineer.  Enjoy!

Blue Lines 2: An Adirondack Ice Climber’s Guide




Commence screaming and jumping up and down! The second edition of Blue Lines by Author Don Mellor arrived in The Mountaineer this week! A long-awaited moment by many local and visiting ice climbers finally came to fruition just in time to build the psych up for our 21st Annual Mountainfest and the general Adirondack ice climbing season. Mellor’s second edition doubles the amount of routes of its predecessor, Blue Lines. Blue Lines 2 takes the story of this region even further, describing the explosion of new, big, back country climbs in Panther Gorge along with the discovery of dozens of new and exciting climbing areas such as Hayes Mountain, Hoffman Notch, West Canada Cliff and the popular Silver Lake area. The back country climbing in the Adirondacks can be a true adventure . Take a read through Blue Lines 2 to get a taste of the secrets we house here in the vast Adirondack Park! HAPPY CLIMBING! Purchase Blue Lines 2 here

The Scarpa Phantom Tech



Chuck (who has been at The Mountaineer for 32 years!) says this about the Phantom Tech: “We’re very excited about this update from Scarpa on this classic mountain boot! Check out the new features and newly designed stiffer, lighter fit. The boot is warmer than its predecessor (Phantom Guide). Not all updates are good but this a update worth checking out. The built in gaiter is essential to keeping your feet dry and warm which allows for you to concentrate on your climb and not your frozen toes” Scarpa says the redesigned zipper allows for all day comfort and takes the thought out of pressure points. Stop in or call us if you want more info on this ultra classic mountain boot! For purchasing info click here.

The Future In Ski Mountaineering



The Dynafit TLT7 Performance is a revolutionary design. Coming out of the European corner and weighing in at just over 1,000 grams, this evolutionary boot has the widest and highest volume fit in the TLT series. For those of you that have struggled with achieving the ideal fit in the TLT5 or TLT6, this could be be YOUR ruby slipper! The new low profile buckle allows for a tighter pant around the ankle and diminishes the chance of snags while boot packing  and or climbing. The Speed Nose creates a shorter length by moving the toe inserts further back and allows for a more natural stride which translates into less up-hill resistance. The boot shell on the TLT7 is comprised of lightweight Titanex fiber upper and a Titanex Lambda frame for maximum downhill performance.  You’ll see these boots on the feet of many local skiers and guides this winter!  Feel free to call us with any additional questions or click here for more info.