The 22nd Annual Adirondack Mountainfest

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 Mark your calendars for the 22nd Annual Adirondack Mountainfest January 12-15, 2018 

Call The Mountaineer for availability 518-576-2281

Mountainfest is an annual celebration of ice climbing and mountaineering featuring guest athletes who entertain us with tales of climbing adventures. We offer instructional clinics taught by visiting athletes,  local guides and demo gear. Mountainfest, of course, offers an opportunity to mingle with the climbing community for an exciting weekend of winter climbing and fun!

This year our line-up of speakers consists of Patagonia athlete and World Renowned Alpinist Steve House, Rab athlete Jeff Shapiro, and local New Hampshire climber and guide Bayard Russell . The slideshows promise to be entertaining with a chance to win big with raffle prizes!

Steve House is a husband, climber, mountain guide, skier, cyclist, traveler, student, eagle scout, and author of two books. He currently lives in Ridgeway, Colorado with his wife Eva, although they spend time in Europe and Asia each year. He began climbing with his father as a child, and was introduced to alpine climbing in Slovenia after graduating high school in 1988.  Steve’s slideshow presentation is Saturday night at the Keene Valley Central School at 7:30pm.

Jeff  Shapiro grew up learning to climb in Washington state. Index and the North Cascades were favorite stomping grounds, but since his first season in Yosemite in ’92, he has been quietly and humbly faithful.  Currently and for the last 19 years, he and his family have been living in Montana.

Although Jeff has had some epic days on amazing routes around the world, it’s the opportunity to find new lines that excites him most.  Whether it’s looking for that 5.14 line with perfect flow or an elegant connection of rock and ice on a high altitude objective in the Himalaya, “the beauty of the line is most important.”  After a few seasons in Alaska, he and his partner traveled to Eastern Tibet and were lucky enough to do the 1st ascent of “Black Wolves and Blue Poppies” (WI4+ AI6 M5+ 1300m) on the NW face of Mt Grosvenor (aka Ri Wu Qie Feng, 6376m). Jeff’s slideshow will take place at The Keene Arts Center, Rt 73, Keene and will start at 8:00pm

Bayard Russell, Jr., works close to his New Hampshire home as a mountain guide and a builder, and come the famous New England fall, his free time is stretched thin between the glory days of rock climbing and the endless preparation for a New England winter.

Once winter arrives, the fleeting conditions of ice climbing take over. He and his wife, Anne, live in a little cabin in the woods in a little town called Madison, just south of the incredible variety of climbing held in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and surrounded by good friends. Join us Sunday night for a slideshow presentation on Bayard’s recent trip with Nick Bullock (past Mountainfest guest) to Newfoundland! Show is at 7:30pm

There will be opportunities to join clinics on alpine climbing, snowshoe adventures, avalanche awareness, slide climbing and of course plenty of ice climbing!

Whether you come for the clinics, gear and clothing demos or just to climb on your own make sure to check out the evening  slideshow entertainment.  Mountainfest is the place to be January 12-15!