Bye Bye Book Room!

Due to the poor book sales (Thanks Kindle, Amazon and illiteracy) we decided to tear the book room off today to make room for our new Tobacco and Firearms wing. Got to evolve to stay afloat in this crazy retail game.

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  1. Joel
    Joel says:


    Wow ! I can’t wait to see the incredible selection of firearms and Tobacco you will have !! Will you sell the M16 ??

  2. Dave DePo.
    Dave DePo. says:

    Perchance this is a cruel post April fools joke for my greenbacks were regularly deposited in the book wing which was superbly stocked w adventure for many lifetimes.
    I hope it can find a home upstairs or somewhere in your fine shop to keep the Adventure seeking literati informed and stoked!
    Be read or be dead,

  3. Bill Whipple
    Bill Whipple says:

    Guys, since Peregrine closed I have gone to work for Big Rock Sports in NC. We have all kinds of Guns for sale. Do you buy from Big rock?


  4. webmaster
    webmaster says:

    Hi Bill! Hope all is well in NC. We’ve changed our mind–instead of guns and ammo we’re deciding between an adult superstore and a medicinal dispensary.

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