ECHO Fly Rods & Reels – Why?


I get asked lots of questions here at the shop. It’s retail, I get it, that’s my job. But sometimes I get asked one and I think about it afterwards, wondering “Did my response make sense?”

I was asked a few weeks ago why I carry Echo Fly Rods and Reels in the fly shop. I told the customer it had a lot to do with quality, honestly priced products made for fishing. No velvet bags, no pretentious descriptions of the products…just functional rods and reels that can take a beating.

The customer seemed to understand, but didn’t seem convinced, so I grabbed one of their 2016 consumer catalogs and said, “When the owner of the company is on the front of the catalog wrenching on his truck and not showing off some so-and-so fish, caught on some so-and-so water, you know you have a real brand.”

Echo rods and reels are purpose built. They’re honest. They’re well made. They are like the pickup that Tim Rajeff (the co-owner) is working on. Simple. Durable. No BS.

So, grab an Echo Rod and Reel and “Get Out There”!

We are excited to have Echo return as a sponsor for our annual Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge. There are still spaces available in this year’s camp – and you can demo Echo’s great rods for free!