Course Details Are As Follows

2,500+ in vertical gain
4+ Miles in length
2 Bootpack sections ( left side of trail)
2 Skinning sections (left side of trail)

1. Skin up Boreen to Upper Valley and continue up Lower Empire.
2. The base of Upper Empire will be a *marked transition point* to a boot-pack were you will continue up Empire via boot-packing.
3. Top of Empire will be a *marked transition point* where you will then skin to the summit of Little Whiteface.
4. * Marked transition point*, returning to skiing and head down Excelsior to John’s Bypass to Service trail to Glen.
5. * Marked transition point*, boot-pack up Glen and at the top there will be another *marked transition point*.
6. Ski down Lower Skyward to Easy Way to Upper Boreen to Boreen
7. Finish in front of the NYSEF building at the base of Whiteface.
*Course is subject to change based on conditions

Image result for Whiteface Mountain trail map

“Rules and Regulations” that we’re enforcing

No biting, kicking or punching! 

Skis must have metal edges

Splitboards are acceptable, no snowshoes!

Helemts are required (ski, bike, climb)

You will be required to attach your skis to your pack during bootpack -no carrying skis in your hand

Ski poles required

Eye Protection is a must

The following items can be stored in your pack: water, buff, hardshell or windproof jacket