Introducing Grivel’s Tech Machine Carbon

Grivel Tech Machine Carbon w/ hammer

Introducing a tool that allows for easy placements even when the ice gets unruly and needs to be put into submission!

The Mountaineer stocks The Tech Machine Carbon which comes equipped with a hammer, this adds an additional 4 oz of weight to the head of the tool, clocking in at 25.8 oz per tool (with hammer, 21.8 oz w/out). Interchangeable T rated picks allow you to choose whether you’ll be needing a precision tool with a 3mm pick for easy, fluid placements in rock hard ice or a 4mm tapered blade for your mixed project. The ergonomically shaped carbon shaft allows for more dampening (less ping and less vibration) throughout the tool and a less conductive material. The over sized, clippable head allows for an large locking carabiner if you need to clip in on the fly. A beefy dual density rubber/nylon grip allows for room with a bulkier glove but also feels comfortable with a thin mixed glove on.

As awesome as this tool is, at the end of the day we believe the most important aspect when choosing an ice climbing tool is how it feels in your hand when your 20 feet out from that last screw on Power Play (Grade 5)  with unruly conditions. Stop in or call The Mountaineer with any questions about The Tech Machine Carbon w/ hammer!

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