More NEW Elan Skis at The Mountaineer – the Elan Alaska Pro!


The lightweight, ski mountaineering-influenced trend is alive and kicking here in the Adirondacks – and beyond!  The Elan Alaska Pro is an ultra-lightweight piece of equipment for heavyweight destinations.  In the world of touring skis where every gram matters, the Alaska Pro is definitely the winner in the featherweight category.  No tip or tail rocker, an 80mm waist, and a carbon fiber and wood core to keep it light means it likes to go up more than down. To help with downhill performance, Elan still gives the Alaska Pro its Bridge wood core that’s meant to provide torsional rigidity and easily transfer power to the edges. These skis will fulfill and exceed your expectations, both when going up and down the hill.

Dimensions: 109/77/98; 109/78/98; 109/79/99; 110/80/100
Radius: 156 (22/19); 163 (23.6/19.5); 170 (24.5/20.1); 177 (26.2/21.8)
Weight: 1140g / ±40g

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