Gwen McGiver

Gwen McGiver


Name: Gwen McGiver

Role at The Mountaineer: I’m the “new” girl. I started the summer of 2016.
My role is team life support. I help out wherever I am needed and I’m constantly
learning from the amazing crew here at the Mountaineer.

Favorite product sold at The Mountaineer: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor.
I wish I had them on my feet the first time I went up Colden Via The Trap Dike instead
of my worn out running shoes, lesson learned. Anything Skida! They’re an original
Vermont produced product and their colorful prints rock! The balsam pillows,
I love the smell, it triggers so many great memories.

Notable outdoor accomplishments: Listening to the call of the Mountains
and leaving my job abnd life in NYC to live and work in the Dacks. Best decision EVER!

Fondest memory in the Adirondack Park: Anytime I have gone out for a sunset and sunrise hike and all the times
I’ve spent on my mountain bike.

When you’re not working, what are you doing? Teaching yoga, playing in the mountains, kicking my a$$ mountain biking,
taking a rip on my A/T skis or chatting up strangers.

Favorite food after a long day in the mountains: The Beef and Bacon patty melt at L&S washed down with
a hulk juice from Green Goddess, the ultimate yin and yang food pyramid.

Favorite Quote(s): Anything that Nick says.