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Please consult the Course Equipment Lists before signing up for a clinic.


FULL-Ice Climbing 101 with Jim Pitarresi – $160

(due to popular demand, we’ve added a third beginner’s clinic on Monday!)

Climb with Jim AKA Doctor Ice! Plan on having a great day of ice climbing and learning about selection and use of gear, efficient use of tools and footwork. By end of day students should be proficient top roping moderate ice climbs.

Limited to 12 participants.

FULL “Learn to Lead” Ice With Bill Dodd- $160 (Limited to 4 participants)

Leading ice is more than just being able to place an ice screw and clipping a rope to it. Reading the ice, setting up belays in the ice, belaying the second, force analysis, rappel anchors, rappelling, and some self-rescue skills need to be included along with placing ice screws. This course will cover all of those skills in a workshop style course with one guide and four students. The skills will be demonstrated by the instructor and then practiced by the participants in a top rope setting doing mock leads on a 35 foot ice wall that has low angle to steeper sections of ice. More advanced topics such as fall forces, v threads, injured party rappels and advanced retreat/descent methods will also be discussed/practice. Candidates must have prior ice climbing experience and have followed either a rock or ice climb before.  The emphasis of this course is on leading ice rather than improving your ice climbing skills.

FULL-Intro To Mountaineering with Chad Kennedy  $150

Rock & River Guide Chad Kennedy will be teaching the basic principles of “Mountaineering”. This course is aimed at people who have limited experience traveling in the mountains with crampons and a mountaineering axe, using basic rope travel techniques and learning how to pack and prepare for a winter ascent.  In this clinic you can expect to be climbing and descending low angle terrain in which you will encounter ice, snow, rock or all of the above! This course is great for anyone wishing to travel to a bigger mountain range and wants to learn the basic steps towards travelling safely in the mountains.

Limited to 8 participants

FULL-M2: Mixed Ice and Rock with Matt Horner and Matt McCormick$150

The two Matt’s are some of the best ice climbers in the northeast, but more importantly, excellent and enthusiastic teachers! These guys present their secret tips and tricks directly to the participants in the clinic! You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how strength equals confidence on steeper ice and why dialing in your footwork and relaxing can make the difference between sending a route or not. The duo will teach skills needed to ascend hard water ice and mixed routes.

Limited to 8 participants

FULL-Vertical Waterfall Ice with Rab Climber Jeff Shapiro – $150

“Shapiro is a true modern day adventurer!” Take this opportunity to climb with Rab Athlete Jeff Shapiro for the day and learn special techniques required on steep ice, thin ice, hollow ice and no ice. By end of day students should have refined techniques on more difficult ice and mixed terrain.

Limited to 8 participants

2 SPOTS REAMINING X-Rated Climbing: Steep, Thin and Hard Ice Techniques with Ian Osteyee (Intermediate/Advanced) – $170 (Limited to 6 participants)

CAMP, BlueWater Ropes and Rab athlete Ian Osteyee has established X-rated first ascents from here to Nepal – routes like Ruination (WI6 X) at Poko and Shaugdro (WI5 X) in Khumbu, Nepal. Renowned for climbing the unclimbable – desperately thin, steep and demanding ice with little or no gear – Ian will show you how he makes it look easy. Come prepared to learn the ice tool tuning tips, climbing techniques and tricks that allow the confidence to climb these mentally and physically challenging routes. 

FULL-Steep Ice for the Weak and Chickenhearted with Don Mellor – $150

This is a targeted course aimed at getting normal people up abnormally steep routes. It is aimed at people who know how to climb, but find themselves unable to lead sustained vertical ice. The theme is this: if someone told you not to do it, it probably works. This is not about powering your way up. It’s about slithering and groveling, engaging your knees, your elbows, and especially your brain. It’s not pretty, but we promise that you’ll be happily surprised. You already know about supposed “good technique,” and you are still getting pumped. This course will give you a very different perspective and a whole lot of subtle tricks.Hear what others are saying about Steep Ice for the Weak and Chickenhearted:

“I feel ten years younger. When I look in the mirror, I see the person I am supposed to be.”

“My friends have noticed the change. I’m sleeping better. My appetite is back.”

“My libido… it’s like I’m seventeen again.”

Warning: Do not take this course if you take nitrates, often prescribed for chest pain, as this may cause a sudden, unsafe drop in blood pressure. Discuss your general health status with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in steep ice climbing. If you experience chest pain, nausea, or any other discomforts during climbing, or if you experience a sudden loss of vision or hearing, seek immediate medical help. In the rare event of an ice lead lasting more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury. You owe it to yourself to take Don Mellor’s Steep Ice for the Weak and Chickenhearted. Call now.

Limited to 8 participants

FULL-Adventure Snowshoeing with Carl Heilman – $95

Join us for a not so typical snowshoe tour adventure! After covering some helpful winter info inside, we’ll head out for a backcountry snowshoeing tour that introduces people to backcountry snowshoeing techniques. This is a fun, off the trail adventure-climbing up hills, and sliding back down them. You’ll learn and put to use various helpful snowshoeing techniques on a winter hike to a mountain ridge viewpoint. This tour is led by a pair of seasoned guides who have close to 60 years of combined experience in introducing people to the backcountry. 

Limited to 8 participants


FULL-The ABC’s of Avalanche Awareness With Chuck Boyd-$95

If you are an avid mountaineer or backcountry skier, having the skills to assess avalanche terrain and make the right decisions is critical.  

This course teaches you how the terrain, weather, and snowpack affect the stability of the slopes you’re going to ski, ride, and/or climb.  The emphasis will be on recognizing the terrain and conditions for stability and travel techniques to identify safer routes.  Other important aspects of traveling in the backcountry that will be discussed are the use of avalanche rescue equipment and companion rescue.

Climbers and skiers, if you want hands on training with avalanche beacons, shovels, and probes, you should  sign up for a half day of rescue practice (Sun. or Mon., $45 fee). If you take Saturday’s course the additional fee is only $15.  You can bring your own equipment, or there will be equipment available for you to use.  We’ll spend the half day outdoors learning how to use the tools and practicing the basic skills for companion rescue.

(Limited to 20 participants) *we will open a second FULL day class if Saturday fills*


Please consult the Course Equipment Lists before signing up for a clinic


FULL-Ice Climbing 101 with Jim Pitarresi – $160

Course same as Saturday (limit 12 participants)

FULL -“Learn to Lead” Ice with Bill Dodd-$160 

Same Course as Saturday.
(Limited to 4 participants)

FULLClimb a Slide with Colin Loher and Jeremy Haas – $175 

Join Rock & River guides Colin Loher and Jeremy Haas for a technical ascent of one of the many slides found in the High Peaks. Practice fundamental snow/ice climbing skills and rope techniques for safe and efficient travel over exposed alpine terrain. This clinic is suitable for participants who: have the fitness to winter hike for six hours; are proficient with the use of mountaineer axes/crampons; have experience with roped climbing, i.e. glacier travel and/or top roping.

Limited to 9 participants.

FULL -Climbing with World Renowned Alpinist Steve House – $170

This is a great opportunity to climb ice with one of the most talented Alpine climbers around! Author, Coach, Mentor and Alpinist Steve House will be teaching a clinic on climbing steep water ice, thin ice, hollow ice and no ice. By end of day students should have refined techniques on difficult ice and mixed climbs, plus have had the chance to hang out with a climbing icon for the day!

Limited to 8 participants

FULL-Steep Ice for the Weak and Chickenhearted with Don Mellor – $150

Course same as Saturday

Limited to 8 participants

1 SPOT REMAINING-X-Rated Climbing: Steep, Thin and Hard Ice Techniques with Ian Osteyee (Intermediate/Advanced) – $170

Course same as Saturday (limit 6 participants)

M2: Mixed Ice and Rock with Matt Horner and Matt McCormick – $150

Course same as Saturday

Limited to 8 participants



FULL-Ice Climbing 101 with Jim Pitarresi – $160

Due to popular demand, we have decided to hold another Beginning Ice clinic on Monday.  Course same as Saturday & Sunday (limit 8 participants).