New Hiking Guide Reviewed: Life Under the Fast Lane

We recently began carrying a new hiking guide by Tom Dubois – Life Under the Fast Lane: A Bushwhacker’s Guide to Northway Access Routes, Exits 28-31.  The detailed directions in this book allow hikers to easily locate culverts and other access points along this roughly 24-mile stretch of highway – areas which would otherwise be inaccessible to hikers without an illegal and unsafe highway crossing!  Access points into the Dix Mountain and Hoffman Notch Wilderness Areas and Hammond Pond Wild Forest are discussed, with color photos and maps to help hikers locate these otherwise hard-to-find entryways.

Life Under the Fast Lane has received considerable attention in the hiking world since its release and positive reviews are popping up on internet forums, including a recent review on (read the entire review here) which describes the book as  “a veritable gem that targets a niche audience who will consult it regularly and gratefully.”

The book is available in our store and online for $9.99.  Click the image below to see it in our online store!


A Bushwhacker’s Guide to Northway Access Routes, Exit 28-31

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