Second Annual Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge a Success!

It’s been a month since our Second Annual Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge…but the memories  of a great weekend of fishing, learning and good times are still fresh!


Fly Fishing Camp HQ in the Main Lodge

First, I’d like to thank our sponsors for all of their continued support in helping us pass along this great pastime: Patagonia, ECHO/Airflo, Loon Outdoors and Ex Officio. Second, our guest instructors Ken Kalil, Nick Yardley and Sean Platt were instrumental in making this event happen – thank you all! Also, we couldn’t host such an amazing event without the efforts of the staff at Elk Lake Lodge. Thanks to Mike and Diane as well as the entire kitchen staff and ground crew for their hospitality, and for making our stay relaxing and stress free! And, finally, thanks to The Boss, Vinny McClelland, for letting me run with this idea!


Patagonia waders and boots ready for guests

The Camp’s curriculum and “mission” remained the same as last year: to create a fly fishing experience based on teachable moments, with emphasis on the very basic (and easy to learn) fundamentals of fly fishing for trout.  For the “pure” beginners, we start with a short, hour-long session in the Lodge reviewing equipment and gear selection. Then, it’s onto the Lodge lawn for casting practice. For the more advanced anglers, nymphing and streamer tactics are reviewed on the river, as well as advanced tactics for working the water most effectively.


Sunrise on Elk Lake


The Main Lodge at Elk Lake Lodge


Instructor Mike Kaz utilizing a “teachable moment”

Our guests took quickly to this environment and began catching brook trout almost immediately. And, sometimes, guests were catching each other’s lines!


Whoops! (notice the two flies connected at the center of the picture)


A nice specimen from the Branch River


Another healthy fish and clean release

On Saturday, anglers went bell-to-bell on the river and rendezvoused at the Lodge for happy hour, hosted by guests Dana, Bryn, Deanna and Mark! An excellent Scotch Whiskey tasting was followed by a bountiful supper in the Elk Lake Lodge dining hall. We concluded the evening with a very special presentation by Fisheries Biologist Spencer Bruce of the University at Albany on the unique native strain of brook trout that lives in the Elk Lake drainage. Elk Lake Lodge and Preserve is indeed a special place!

Hard rains overnight on Saturday did little to dampen the spirits of the group, and we had a productive morning of fishing on the Branch River before guests started to depart after lunch.

Next year’s camp is already half full, so call now to reserve your spot in the Third Annual Adirondack Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge, hosted by The Mountaineer, Patagonia, ECHO/Airflo, Loon Outdoors and ExOfficio.


See y’all next year!