The Adirondack Slide Guide – Second Edition!

The Second Edition has arrived at The Mountaineer!

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The Adirondack Slide Guide, Second Edition, is here! Haas has expanded upon the original Slide Guide with new aerial photos of landslide scars created by Tropical Storm Irene, which caused widespread damage throughout the Adirondack region in the summer of 2011. This updated edition also adds photos of the Sentinel Range, Wilmington Range and Moose Mountain, among others. Get your copy now and start planning for next ski season!


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  1. Don
    Don says:

    Hey Drew. Thanks for the help on the sleeping bag and slide info yesterday. I climbed the Angle Slide on Wright Peak yesterday. I enjoyed the slide very much especially with the surrounding views. I even found a Gatorade bottle on the slide but promptly lost it in the nasty bushwack on the ridge towards the summit. I was glad to find the Wright Peak ski trail part way towards the summit ridge. That left me very little bushwacking to the top.I took the regular trails back to my car. An eventful day. Good luck with your slide book sales.

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