The Annual Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge Recap

It’s been just over a month since our Fourth Annual Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge. We were graced with near perfect conditions and weather. It was yet another great weekend of fishing the Branch River!

I’d like to take some space here and thank all our sponsors for their continued support. It would be a challenge to host this event without them.

Views from inside the Elk Lake Lodge

Patagonia continues to be one of our best longtime partners and one of our best vendors all around. Patagonia provides our guests with Waders and Boots to use during the weekend of Fly Fishing Camp.  They also provide each camper with a copy of “Simple Fly Fishing”, a book that the camp is loosely based on. As well as the above, Patagonia also helps us support local conservation groups, like The Nature Conservancy and The Ausable River Association, both dedicated to protecting our wild places and fisheries.

A beautiful, young Brook Trout caught during the camp, then released


ECHO/Airflo. Guests are issued ECHO rods and reels with industry leading Airflo Fly Lines for the weekend. Thanks goes out to Tim at

ECHO/Airflo and to Bob Lamson, our regional rep, for setting this all up. We had the chance to view a really cool film about the history and philosophy of Airflo lines while at camp.  A great company committed to making the best fly lines on the planet. Check out all that they have to offer at:


Howler Brothers. Howler Brothers provided all our instructors with Uniforms every year, so at least we look professional…as well as getting some cool hats to our guests. Head to their website or stop in the shop and have a look at their great assortment of Fly Fishing and Surfing apparel:

Fish Need H2O.  Fish Need Water is a great organization that we have partnered with at The Mountaineer to promote ethical catch and release techniques. Started by ECHO Fly Fishing owner Tim Rajeff…you can read about their philosophy as it relates to sport fishing here:

Our instructors Ken Kalil, Nick Yardley and Jonah Kaz were instrumental in making this camp a success. Thank you all for the hustle, professionalism and knowledge!

Last, but by no means least, we could not host such an amazing event without the efforts of the entire staff at Elk Lake Lodge. Thanks to owners John and Margot Ernst for letting us host our Fly Fishing Camp at their spectacular wilderness retreats as well as Managers Mike and Diane and the entire kitchen staff and ground crew for their hospitality and for making our stay relaxing and stress free.

Local Guide, Ken Kalil with guests of the Fly Fishing camp

Every year the Camp’s “Mission” is to create a Fly Fishing experience based on the teachable moments that occur while you are on the river with emphasis on the very basic (and easy to learn) fundamentals of fly fishing for brook trout.

Saturday’s fishing was very productive in the AM before the sun rose high and then, again, in the afternoon as the full sun subsided behind the old growth trees lining the Branch River, Elk Lake Lodge’s Catch-and-Release Brook Trout Fishery.

Kaz and a few guest relaxing with an afternoon refreshment on the deck at Elk Lake


Saturday evening was a relaxing one for guests at the lodge with a hearty meal served and some short films by Patagonia and Airflo Fly Lines by the fire in the Main Lodge.

Sunday was more of the same at Elk Lake…great weather and fishing.  As the sun rose higher, the fishing slowed into mid-day and guests began to disperse to head home.

Elk Lake with a morning fog. Not a bad view to wake up to!

Also, we are looking to offer a joint trip with Howler Brothers to Cayo Frances Farm and Fly in Belize for some Bonefish on the fly!

Stay tuned…as we are hoping to pull this off for 3 lucky guests!

We have 3 spots available for next year’s camp…so call or email if you are interested.