The Future In Ski Mountaineering – Dynafit TLT7


The Dynafit TLT7 Performance is a revolutionary design. Coming out of the European corner and weighing in at just over 1,000 grams, this evolutionary boot has the widest and highest volume fit in the TLT series. For those of you that have struggled with achieving the ideal fit in the TLT5 or TLT6, this could be be YOUR ruby slipper! The new low profile buckle allows for a tighter pant around the ankle and diminishes the chance of snags while boot packing  and or climbing. The Speed Nose creates a shorter length by moving the toe inserts further back and allows for a more natural stride which translates into less up-hill resistance. The boot shell on the TLT7 is comprised of lightweight Titanex fiber upper and a Titanex Lambda frame for maximum downhill performance.  You’ll see these boots on the feet of many local skiers and guides this winter!  Feel free to call us with any additional questions or click here for more info.