The Mountaineer’s Fly Fishing Camp Featured in Adirondack Outdoors Magazine

The Mountaineer’s Adirondack Fly Fishing Camp at Elk Lake Lodge Wilderness Resort was recently featured in the article “Event Options for Fly Fisherman” in the Spring Edition of Adirondack Outdoors magazine. An excerpt from the article is reprinted below:


Former New York Ranger’s goalie Mike Richter wanted to do something special for the birthday of his teenage son Tom early last summer.

So what did he do?

He signed him up for the June Adirondack Fly Fishing Camp on the Elk Lake Lodge property near Newcomb. The small fishing camp provides hands-on instruction for the dozen participants that sign up for the three-day event, which includes fishing on the Branch River, an outlet of Elk Lake.

“More and more the younger generations don’t have the outlet of getting out in nature, and if you can have that appreciation as a kid, you never outgrow it,” said Richter, who led the Rangers to the Stanley Cup and was later inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

The camp is one of several events run by The Mountaineer, an outdoor gear store in Keene Valley. The others are for skiers, climbers and trail runners. The fly-fishing camp got started under the direction of Mike “Kaz” Kazmierczak, who manages the store’s fly-fishing department. A few years ago Kaz was trying to reinvigorate the fishing section with the backing of store owner Vinny McClelland, and he thought the festival would be a good way to do just that.

“The fly fishing department was really the passion of Vinny’s dad, George McClelland, who founded the Mountaineer, and as he got older and passed away, it wasn’t tended to as well,” said Kaz.   “So Vinny really wanted to make a commitment to get things cleaned up and sharpened up again.”

Kaz’s idea for the event is to keep it very basic and try to make the activity less intimidating for people. Kaz said that instead of trying to overburden participants with information, his goal is mainly to get people on the water and learn by fishing for brook trout in the small river.

“If you are moving with your group and paying attention to your group throughout the day, you have many, many teachable moments and that’s kind of what I want to do rather than have a set curriculum,” he said.

The festival costs $675 and is all-inclusive. The price of admission includes lodging, meals, use of equipment, and instruction. For more info, visit or call 518-576-2281.