The New Black Diamond Couloir Harness

BlackDiamondCouloir Harness

The new Black Diamond Couloir harness takes the meaning ultralight to an entirely new level (7.5oz). This full-featured technical harness packs down to the size of an a pb&j sandwich making it easy to store without the mess. Built with a full strength belay loop and an extremely low profile design means you can wear the harness all day and it goes unnoticed until you need it! The speed buckle and on-the-fly leg loop buckles allow for easy on and off with ski boots or crampons allowing you to move fluidly through the mountains.  4 Ice clipper slots, 2 ice screw slots and 2 gear loops mean you wont be struggling to find room for extra carabiners and cordelettes, you can store two ice screws in the ice screw slots on the legs to reduce clanking and still carry an additional few screws if your mission involves some more serious climbing. In short this harness is ideal for big mountain ski lines and moderate glacial travel where weight is a factor. When is it not?


Intent on building a harness that would move with the body it protects, we designed a triple-weave webbing on the interior of the harness’s waistbelt that provides movement-focused technology while maintaining superior breathability, durability and strength. Also featured on the harness’s leg loops, this technology offers excellent load sharing, relieving pressure from sensitive points of contact.

The Mountaineers take: Hanging in this harness is proof that rappelling might actually be comfortable in a piece with such a low profile. “I put a full rack of ice screws and cams on this bad boy and it was still comfortable”.  Wearing this around the shop for an hour felt like it would be a great lightweight option for all day ski mountaineering where you might have a rappel or multiple rappels involved, this harness gives you the comfort and functionality to leave it on all day and not have to be pulling it out and storing it before and after rappels or when roping up on a glacier. Another great application for this harness is going to be your long alpine ice routes in the Tetons, Sierra or even the North Face of Gothics . If you are planning a big mountain ski trip or an alpine climbing trip this is a must have trip so do yourself a favor and buy one!