These brands are celebrating Earth Day Every Day

This Earth Day, we’ve chosen to spotlight a few companies that plant “seeds of change” and make a positive impact for the Environment.


Tim Rajeff began #FishNeedWater as a pledge to educate anglers about proper catch and release fly-fishing techniques. You can help keep sport fishing strong by keeping those fish wet and by tagging any social media photos with #fishneedwater to help promote this initiative.  A photo of a fish in the water is something to be proud of!  
{Photo’s by Sean Platt @SeanPlattPhotography @BlueHeronFlyWorks}



Patagonia has made it easy to get involved, connected and TAKE ACTION on issues facing your local community.  Through their new website, Patagonia Action Works, Patagonia helps connect you with the causes you are passionate about. Answer the call to action, with action!



100% Solar Powered.  A longtime partner of The Mountaineer, Grivel has been setting the standard for how manufacturers can be more environmentally friendly and efficient. Grivel’s entire production facility in Italy is powered by it’s 7,000 square meter, solar panel covered roof, producing  the equivalent energy consumption of 194 families in a year!


10 TREE:

10 Tree’s hope is that their actions can be a catalyst of change in the garment industry.  For every garment sold, 10 Tree plants ten trees as part of a reforestation project world wide.  The Mountaineer is proud to partner with 10 Tree and say that with your help, we have helped plant over 8,000 trees across the globe.e

United By Blue hosted over 210 cleanup projects removing 1,059,981 pounds of trash across 27 states since 2010! 

Interested in joining their mission? CLICK HERE to see where the next United By Blue cleanup is headed next.