Throwback Movie Night!

We Have GOOD News and Not So GREAT News…

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Whether you’re a local or a visiting climber, you’re  accustomed to us hosting the REEL ROCK screening each Columbus day weekend.Unfortunately, (here comes the bad news) REEL ROCK is not available until the first weekend of November this year! As many of you know, November is the transition month here in the Adirondacks, screening a film doesn’t make much sense as we wont have the turnout needed to make this worthwhile for a local charity (We’ll be beack on board next year). Since this is the “end of the rock climbing season weekend celebration” (here comes the good news) we’ve decided to go ahead and screen a throwback climbing film!

Please join us at The Keene Arts Center on Saturday Oct. 7. Doors open at 7PM. BYOB. $1 raffle tickets with awesome prizes, per usual! Return2Sender movieIf you’ve never seen Return2Sender, don’t miss out! The Infamous Timmy O’neill hosts a hilarious film on the cutting edge climbing that’s happening in the vertical world (2003) Thanks to the support of our sponsors for making this happen! Again, this is a charity event just like REEL ROCK and we hope to see you there.