Youngsters in Keene Valley Get Creative

Our first year of what will be an annual t-shirt design contest for the k-3 at Keene Valley Central School 

Pictured below are all of the artists entries for 2019. Check them out! This years winner was Kindergartner Anika- congratulations! The contest theme this year was “what gets you excited about the mountains in Keene Valley”

Anika’s t-shirt design is for sale in the Mountaineer, in the kids section!

Anika Age: 6

Anika Age: 6

Isabel Age: 6

Mia Age: 8

Autumn Age: 9

Rosalie Age: 9

Orra Age: 9

Ana Age: 8

Lucas Age: 8

Zoe Age: 9

Leila Age : 7

Finn Age: 6

Hazel Age: 6

Max Age: 8

Sydney Age: 9

Kasey Age: 8

Ryleigh Age: 6

Wyatt Age: 6

Marie Age: seven

Avery Age: 6